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            Over 1.85m Hong Kong residents sign petition supporting national security legislation | Top 10 Belt and Road tourism destinations for Chinese | 设为首页 | 加入收藏
          • Russia extends asylum for Snowden
          • Lis remarks at the 19th ASEAN Plus China, Japan and ROK Summit
          • Should parents push children to take up extracurricular classes?
            Kung Fu superstar Jackie Chan said that while the upcoming film Chinese Zodiac 2012 will be his last major action movie, citing his increasing age, he will still be packing punches in the world of philanthropy. [2020/10/1]
            We have the confidence and conditions to fulfill major targets of this years economic and social development. [2020/10/13]
            Hailing the development of China-Malaysia ties since their establishment 40 years ago, Zhang said the two countries should continue their friendly exchanges, rule out interferences, jointly push forward regional cooperation and play a bigger role in maintaining stability and development in the region. [2019/7/10]
            The United States, along with each country in the region, has a vested interest in lowering tensions and improving diplomatic relations, and in close cooperation in Northeast Asia, he added, calling for restraint, good judgment and diplomacy along with dialogue in pursuing the benefits from the region that we all want. [2018/5/20]
            Another hot spring in Nanjing refused to talk to China Daily on the phone because it was afraid that media exposure will bring more customers to our already crowded pools. [2018/9/23]
            They also helped restructure homes, separating the large rooms into standard double bed rooms with showers. [2019/9/20]
             Look for old memories in TongliTime: June 22nd to 24th, 2012Location: Tongli ancient townSpecifics: look for folk customs of old times with Tongli characteristics, such as zongzi-making, yellow rice wine drinking, calamus hanging, wormwood inserting and tiger-head shoes wearing. [2018/8/9]
            However, if her condition becomes serious and she has to got to hospital, the cost would be astronomical for us. [2016/5/7]
            Redress, an NGO that promotes sustainability in the Chinese fashion industry, for instance, has only a dozen names on its database of mainland and Hong Kong fashion designers involved in upcycling. [2017/9/4]
            >While the Yunnan station is not as high-tech as its big-city counterparts, it is impressive if we work with foreign performers in the gala show and many Chinese viewers will be interested, Li says. [2017/4/20]
            The motive is not immediately clear. [2019/8/5]
            The exercise, from June 26 to Aug 1, will take place in and around the Hawaiian islands under the theme of Capable, Adaptive, Partners and will be the first time that China has participated in the biennial exercise, which began in 1971. [2017/10/14]
            The Chinese government, which assisted in the case, has targeted corrupt officials since President Xi Jinping took office in 2012, and has asked the US to help find fugitives who have fled there with money and return them and their money to China. [2019/11/1]
            An anti-government protester holds a police shield as he stands behind burning barricades in Kievs Independence Square February 19, 2014. [2016/1/15]
            Authorities in different provinces should also try to integrate their public health insurance programs, especially for those who worked and paid for health insurance in one province but are living in another after retirement. [2017/3/1]
            Ma is pessimistic about the chances of relations improving as he believes Abes foreign policy toward China will not change during the remaining two or three years of his term. [2015/12/5]
          Kenyas supermarkets eye Chinese consumers to boost revenues   更多>>
            8 percent increase year on year, to hunt for jobs at a time when employers are cutting down on recruitment, according to government figures. [2017/11/20]
            Then why dont we think about how the IOC mobilized us in doing this? We worked so hard to make this happen, because the IOC has a unique business mode to push us forward. [2018/12/28]
            In April, 20 people were given jail terms ranging from seven years to life by a court in eastern Chinas Zhejiang Province for manufacturing and selling gutter oil in two provinces. [2018/1/14]
            HANGZHOU - Sixteen people were killed and five others injured in a factory fire on Tuesday in east Chinas Zhejiang Province, the local government said. [2015/9/26]
            The compulsory isolation lasts for two years. [2018/5/8]
            76 million by 5 pm on Oct 2, according to the China National Tourism Administration. [2019/10/19]
            Reforms crucialChina will keep its economic growth target unchanged at around 7. [2016/8/5]
            9 percent, the NBS said. [2018/9/19]
            The review was scheduled to take place in late April on the sidelines of the 14th annual meeting of the Western Pacific Naval Symposium in Qingdao, Shandong province. [2017/4/29]
            Hungarian film Testrol es lelekrol (On Body and Soul) won the Golden Bear for Best Film award at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival on Saturday. [2017/6/27]
          学术动态   更多>>
            The rental price was 4,500 yuan (4) a month in the first six months of this year. [2015/11/23]
            A taxi driver surnamed Liu said he worried that people may prefer public transport systems to taxis if more fees were charged. [2017/7/27]
            The forum, whose theme is Development and cooperation between Chinese and Russian internet new media organizations, brought together more than 150 media representatives, entrepreneurs and researchers from China and Russia, to discuss development and cooperation, innovation and breakthrough opportunities, and challenges faced by online media companies in the two countries. [2016/8/11]
            BEIJING - Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Petro Poroshenko Wednesday on being elected Ukraines president. [2019/12/04]
            It greatly reduces their logistics costs and risks, said Xia Huanyun, deputy director with the Wuhan Transport Committee. [2017/7/6]
            Midea has nine research and development centers in China, and the number of such centers overseas has topped 11. [2016/8/22]
            Hazy weather covered China for 3. [2019/3/7]
            We work for the traveling public, she said. [2016/6/1]
            7 percent growth in the first three quarters. [2018/2/2]
            Huawei CEO Richard Yu talks about the TalkBand B1 during a Huawei presentation before the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 23, 2014. [2019/5/10]

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